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Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020's Korean New Year Begins Today!

The photographs atop this entry feature a White-naped Crane (Antigone vipio) who I saw when I visited the zoo in Central Park on November 30, 2019.
I have discussed various avian creatures whom I met on that day in prior entries here on Blogger; such as one about a Blue 'n Yellow Macaw, published on 1-7-2020, as well as one featuring a Superb Starling — 12-30-2019 and another featuring a Taveta Golden Weaver —12-28-2019.

Other entries re birds I encountered on my 11-30-2019 visit to the zoo include my 12-27-2019 posting about the Red-crested cardinal and my 12-14-2019 post which discussed Black Swans, Green Parrots, Pied Avocets, Scarlet Ibises and a Victorian Crowned Pigeon.

Within my aforementioned entries about Central Park's zoo, I state,"I must confess I do not like to see birds or any animals within the confines of a zoo." 

I also mention that I subsequently "received some wisdom (from a Jane Goodall interview) about my feelings re animals and zoos, which I will discuss in my Saturday's Sequel post (12-14-2019)...,"

I held off on discussing White-napped cranes until today because this bird type has great significance to Korean people during this time. The reason being that  (1-25-2020 is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays as it is what Koreans consider to be the start of a new year.

The Korean New Year holidays "last three days. It is customary and may be required under collective bargaining agreements for South Korean businesses to close for the lunar new year."

The white-naped crane is a popular symbol of the Korean New Year celebration and commonly featured in art and folklore.

Cranes are the tallest of all flying birds and are found on every continent, except Antarctica and South America.

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