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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Pinecones and Cardinals Spend Time With my Japanese Larch (Larix Kaempferi)

 I have a couple of newcomers to my garden: Pinecones!

They are on my Larix Kaempferi

A partial view of this evergreen tree can be seen in the image atop this entry.

Close-ups of the pinecones who have made their home in her branches can be seen in the next two images. 

I was so intrigued by the presence of these pinecones that I researched on pinecones and found lots of interesting content.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

A stool finds another purpose in life.

A little over one month ago here on Blogger I published a post discussing how Juan V was able to help me turn a broken wooden top of a stool into a plant stand, which ultimately held a container that housed one of my Heuchera plants. In this aforementioned blog post, I included a copy of the photo which is atop this entry.

Unfortunately soon after this a woman who was visiting my garden knocked over the  stand and my Heuchera's pot shattered into several pieces.

Subsequently this plant was able  to be repotted  — but not into a container which fit the stool turned plant stand's constraints. 

In the interium I placed an empty claypot into the stand but have not been able to plant anything in that spot. Therfore during our recent tremendous heat wave, I placed a shallow bowl of water atop the empty claypot. 

My intention in doing this was to provide yet another place for visiting birds to take a drink and/or to bathe in my garden which is something they need to do more than ever during tremendous heat.

Friday, July 2, 2021

E.B., A Visitor Who Has a Bird's Eye View of my Roof Extension Garden

This past Friday E.B (seen in the photograph directly above) is a man who lives acrooss the courtyard came to visit my garden

I guess he was so relaxed he forgot his phone which I took over to his building and he met me in the lobby. I initially came in contact with E.B. during #clapbecausewecare sessions which were something many New Yorkers participated in during the lockdowns that took place throughout the darkest evenings of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the last sessions took place on 6-25-2021 and E.B. can be seen participating in that particular session in the next photo.

In any case, during the time of lockdowns and clap/cheeer sessions, E.B. purchased all three volumes of my Words In Our Beak hardcover book series.

It was wonderful to hear him say whenever he has had guests visit his NYC apartment he shows them my books, and then from his window he points to my garden to let his vistors know that it is the spot where my stories take place.

On another note, we have been trying to work out a time to meet  together ever since E.B. took me to lunch (in November of 2020)....

... and at that time we promised each other he’d visit my garden.

I’m very thankful he could come by last night especially since he is leaving NYC for the summer but we hope to get together in the fall when he returns, and fyi, when I say E.B. has a bird's eye view of my garden, I mean it literally for his surname is Bird!