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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Pink Coloration in Nature

Yesterday when I was at the Samuel Untermyer Fountain (which is located within The Conservatory Gardens) in Central Park, the pink flower seen in the picture atop this entry caught my attention. This isn't surprising because ever since this past National Pink Day, I've noticed how often the color pink can be found in many types of flora as well as fauna.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

"... Another Day (Saturday) in the Park..."

As I have mentioned a number of times here on Blogger any time it is a Saturday and I'm in either Riverside Park or Central Park, I find myself thinking of the hit song Saturday in the Park by the rock band Chicago, and today was no exception.

Even though NYC (as well as much of the United States) is undergoing a dangerous heat wave, I took my weekly early morning walk with a friend and when we walked through Central Park and spent time in The Conservatory Gardens near the area where the Untermyer Fountain (seen in the images atop this entry) is located.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Dragonfly Details: Friday Follow-Up

Last Friday I took a walk to Central Park with the mission to observe dragonflies and I was blessed to spend a lot of time with one which I wrote about in this past Sunday's blog post; where I included many pictures of the creature I encountered. The aforementioned insect allowed me to take many photos of him/her. I'm still going through the many pictures he/she allowed me to take; including the ones that can be seen atop this entry; where, as you can see, the images focus on the insect's facial characteristics.

In my Sunday blog post, regarding the physical attributes of the dragonfly, I did not include any photos that highlighted the face of the dragonfly, but my discussion was mainly directed on the fact that these insects have a 360 degree vision range; hence today I'm following up on my discussion with some more facts re the eyes of dragonflies.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

World Listening Day 2019

Today is World Listening  Day (WLD) It is (according to National Today) an event which "is put on every year by the World Listening Project, a nonprofit organization that is 'devoted to understanding the world and its natural environment, societies and cultures through the practice of listening and field recording.' They explore acoustic ecology, a discipline that studies the relationship between humans and the natural world as mediated through sound. It falls on July 18 to honor the birthday of Raymond Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer and environmentalist who is seen as the founder of acoustic ecology. World Listening Day was established in 2010, and each year the holiday has a specific theme tied to it... 

This year’s theme is 'Listening to the Ground,' which asks us to consider the sounds of the literal ground in all its surfaces, from soil to asphalt, whether we’re losing metaphorical ground, and whether we can find new ground by listening for it..."

It is also Thursday, the day of the week which is often called Throwback Thursday (TT). Therefore in the honor of WLD and TT, I thought you would appreciate this passage (short) that was included in my 2-5-2019 post here on Blogger re Wilbur, the pig from Charolette's Web, a book by E.B. White:

"I worry about Fern. Did you hear the way she rambled on about the animals, pretending that they talked?' (Mrs. Arable the wife of Wilbur's owner speaking about her daughter to her husband.)

''Mr Arable chuckled. '''Maybe they do talk,''' he said. "I've sometimes wondered.

'''I don't think it's normal. You know perfectly well animals don't talk.''' (Mrs. Arable replied).

'''Maybe our ears aren't as sharp as Fern's," "Mr. Avery said."

I also featured this passage within a 2016 blog posting when I explained that Cam, the Northern cardinal who used to visit my (featured in the photo atop this entry, where she is in my rooftop garden) always believed that it is important for everyone of us to have sharp ears and she spent time taking care of hers!