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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Show up! "Put the ball on the court & RUN!" (Tuesday's Truths WK 137)

Welcome to my one hundred and thirty seventh segment of Tuesday's Truths. In my last segment, of this series, I confessed a personal truth re my need to get back on track putting my finishing touches on my proposal for Steidl as well as tweaking my follow-up video for Imperfect Strangers.

The following Thursday I spoke to Dr. EK about the difficulty I had been having in settling down to work on both of the aforementioned projects and she referred me to this amazing video featuring Roberta Vinci (a copy of it is posted above).

In this video Vinci unwittingly provides much inspiration by explaining how her mindset was going into face Serena Williams in a tennis match.

My viewing this clip has been a great help in my making strides in showing up, settling down and writing! I'm thankful to now report that both of my projects are back in the making progress stage.

Please stay tuned for updates (which I'll give during a given forthcoming segment of Tuesday's Truths series) on my endeavors.

Meanwhile, dear reader, hope you continue to enjoy my blog posts even though they will not be as frequent and that you also find the Roberta Vinci interview inspiring!

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