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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Today is International Friendship Day Tuesday's Truths WK 136

In yesterdays's post here on Blogger, I discussed a problem (related to writer's block) I'm having getting back on track with my proposal for Steidl as well as with tweaking my follow up video for Imperfect Strangers.

I concluded my entry by stating, "Therefore in a few hours, I'm about to move on by following another piece of breaking writer's block advise from reedsy. They suggest when all else fails, pack up your computer and hard drives and take them to another location; I've made arrangements for me to work on my project within an office in my hood." 

However, since this is the day For Tuesday's Truths I must confess that arrangement was ultimately postponed (at the last minute) until Wednesday (July 31) or Saturday (August 3rd).

Before I realized my plan had to be rescheduled, I reached out (via Messenger) to someone (a writer who I had helped with a project). She lives in Australia and here's a copy of what I asked her:

"...I'm struggling at the moment + perhaps you might have some suggestions as to what I can do to overcome my block in finishing two important projects!"

She kindly took the time to reply to me with heartfelt words by saying: "I know you may be struggling and I don't have all the facts but it sounds like you're not doing too badly at all. I wanted to have my novel completed this year, ideally by July with three full edits and I'm yet to complete my first. You're working on multiple projects and as you said things have been getting in the way, plus writer's block is a massive pain when it comes to getting things written. I like the idea of packing up and writing somewhere else. I know two things work for me: either I leave it until I have a spark of inspiration (I've gone months without writing before I've found it again though). Sometimes it's nothing spectacular, I'll hear someone talking about a book they've read and I'll decide to go back to writing that night, etc. Or two: sit down and force yourself to write. You may not like what you're writing at first but once an idea comes to you that you  can get inspired/passionate about it SERIOUSLY helps overcome all the other doubts. I also know that when my motivation for writing lacks it can be because I don't feel like my novel will ever be good enough to publish and I get caught up in the idea that it's a waste of time (it sounds like you feel the same way now from the blog). Just remember why you started writing - you're love of it. If it's possible (I know it's easier said than done), at this stage think of your projects as something you have to do for yourself and worry less about having it done in time for others."

Her thoughtful comment meant a lot to me and I let her know and I'm sharing it here in honor of the fact that it is International Friendship Day. I've never met the woman I'm speaking of and if I ever get the opportunity to travel to her country, I hope to meet her and if she comes to New York, I hope she will contact me!

I also have another international friends from Canada, England, Italy, and Wales, whom I've only communicated with through cyberspace and perhaps one day we will meet.

As for my completing my projects, my work was truly disrupted by an unexpected major upheaval in my rooftop garden and at this time, I cannot even write about it, but I will do so in a few days, dear reader, after I've had time to deal with today's unfortunate situation. Meanwhile I'll keep my spirits up by remembering how blessed I am to have local as well as international friends.

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