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Friday, May 14, 2021

Survial Instincts of H.F. Inspire me

My H.F. Young clematis vines who live tn the Norhwest corner of my garden (as featured in the image atop this entry) are such an inspiration in perseverance through adversity and I'm also certain they provide pleasure for those whose windows face them.

These vines have been with me for nearly seventeen years and have flourished in spite of many rough weather-related circumstances such as summer heat waves, winter nor'easters, hurricane-related winds, unusually heavy rains as well as drought.

Moreover on two separate occasions, they had to be taken out of their home (container) then dropped into a contractor bag which was tie to the railing surrounding my garden, in order for the surface to be clear for the building owner to do renovations.

The story of these vines surviving these circumstances is somewhat typical for flora who live on a rooftop and it is included in volume two of my hardcover three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.


They were introduced in volume one and as I said, in volume two, their story of surviving upheavals in my garden are inspiring.

My H.F. Young's ability to survive many circumstances is an inspiration for me to deal with my dental matter, certain eye conditions, income disruption, and hopefully the vines's tenacity will help me with yet another hurdle: a malfunctioning time machine external drive and a swollen battery in my computer which could be a fire hazard.

The repair is estimated at a little under $500.00 before taxes and    will involve me being without access for my computer during the repair time.

I'm hoping that IF I'm able to have the repair made that I will be able to use an old computer, but that might not be possible re filing for weekly UNE (they will not recognize another device which could cause problems) and working on my articles (compatibility issues).

Little over whelmed here but most grateful (understatement) for the generous phone time out of state RH gave me (last night) in my attempt to work out a solution.

Plus this computer malfunction has affected my ability to use my monitor properly and I have a raging headache from the eye strain.

AND on another note, the fixture to my tub has broken, so I can't turn on the water, hopefully the super will repair it today.

Meanwhile, I'll do my best to get inspiration (re continuing to flourish and grow) from my H.F. Young vines.

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