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WORDS IN OUR BEAK, VOLUME TWO is now available in a hardcover print edition from Ingram Book Group.
New York, NY — April 2, 2018 — Another reason to celebrate the Year of the Birdhas arrived! Words In Our Beak, Volume Two by Patricia Youngquist [ISBN: 978-0-9963785-3-6] is now available in a hardcover edition for order by booksellers from publisher Ingram Book Group (

The Words In Our Beak series continues with the publication of Volume Two. Picking up from where Volume Oneended, Cam, the friendly and astute female cardinal narrator, ventures to the sea shore for a vacation with her children only to discover upon their return that her beloved urban garden is in a state of chaos! Cam proceeds to relate how a series of major disruptions — structural renovations, major weather storms — bring change to that urban garden ecosystem she calls home and how those changes affect both the plantings that give it life and the birds who visit it. In this new volume, Cam continues to share her concerns about the plight of her avian community, her observations of what it is like to spend time in this urban garden, and why — for all the hazards of bird life — she still thinks New York City is the place to live.

Cam’s continuing story gives readers her unique perspective on how birds see humans while also informing readers about the joys and hardships of life in her winged world. For anyone even mildly interested in birds, this is a delightfully imaginative and heartwarming introduction to the feathered friends in our midst. The author — who Cam calls “TLLG” after Ms. Youngquist’s award–winning blog, The Last Leaf Gardener — includes over 250 stunning color photos.

Words In Our Beak, Volume Two ISBN: 978-0-9963785-3-6
About Patricia Youngquist
Patricia Youngquist, The Last Leaf Gardener, is a visual artist and writer whose work seamlessly moves between the disciplines of photography, blogging, and videography. Starting with her emotionally impressionistic black–and– white photography that evolved into her colorful prismatic kaleidoscopics created with a pinhole camera of her own design, Patricia’s photography now focuses on the lushly realistic flora and fauna of her urban garden and sharp, intimate close ups of the birds and insects who visit it. As a blogger, Patricia uses simple and accessible verbiage to paint vividly descriptive mental images, a skill that is translated into her lyrical videos which celebrate moments in time.

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2018 marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and from January 1st through December 31st, over 100 organizations—including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, BirdLife International, the National Audubon Society, and National Geographic—are promoting a full “Year of the Bird” using storytelling and science to build awareness about the wonder and beauty of birds and how they are affected by changes to their environment.
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