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Monday, March 1, 2021

March 2021 is here!

March 2021 didn't come in like a roaring lion or a docile lamb, at least in my garden, but it did come in with a visit from a Northern mockingbird which I always appreciate.

This creature can be seen in the three images atop this entry. During pre-pandemic (coronavirus) times, when lockdowns were not a concern, this bird type is one of many to be featured in my well received presentations, including one I gave at The New York Society for Ethical Culture, as well as at prestigious lower schools such as Iona Preparatory School in Westchester and The International Academy of NY, located on the UWS of Manhattan.

Harper, another Northern mockingbird who visited my garden, has a backstory in my three volume hardcover book series, Words In Our Beak.

This is a photo of my three volume book series, "Words In Our Beak." Information re the books is another one of my blog  posts @

The books make a perfect gift for someone who may be in quarantine or lockdown due to consequences of the coronavirus because the stories in them can bring the outdoors into the homes of those who cannot go out and about.

On another note, and as I've mentioned in prior posts, but is worth reiterating: continue to take a cue when you keep your eye on the birdie, especially mocking birds... you never know what they may teach you, especially about finding your own voice and not mimicking others as mockingbirds do.

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