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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Holy Thursday 2020


This evening (Holy Thursday) marks the commemoration of the Last Supper and of the ending of the first full day of Passover. I always find it difficult to create and publish content during these observances as I don't want to appear disrespectful.

Therefore, the only posting I plan to publish here on Blogger for today (4/9/2020) will be this notification and this evening, I will publish a post re the fourteenth session of the nightly clapping/cheering event (that has been dubbed #ClapBecauseWeCare) which is taking place to honor first responders and healthcare workers who are keeping New Yorkers as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

After all, rather religious observances are occurring or not, those dedicated to keeping us New Yorkers as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic don't stop what they are doing to participate in their given religion's observance, even though it may be an important part of their lives.

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