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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The white crocuses are in bloom again! (Tuesday's Truths 166)

On Sunday afternoon, March 8th, while in my garden, I noticed the crocuses that are planted in the large container housing my kiwi vines were beginning "wake up" from their winterized state of being mulched.

These kiwi vines are featured in my mini movie, The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame almost... (which can be viewed within my Vimeo Library, or on my You Tube Channel); and they are also featured in volume one of my book series (Words In Our Beak) as are crocuses.



In any event, as seen in the three photographs within this entry shows the crocuses's little white flowers peeking up through the burlap that Juan V (AKA JV) and I had put there this past December eleventh when we prepared my garden for the 2019-2020 winter.

As readers of this blog know, for over ten years he and I have been winterizing my garden on an annual basis by wrapping every container in bubble wrap then placing a layer of burlap over each one of them before tying everything together with jute (this process as well as other winterizing processes are described in volume two of the series).

Our scheduled date to de-winterize always varies depending on any given winter's length or their onset of spring. This year because of my need to recover from an injury to my Greater tuberosity, we had scheduled to un-winterizing everything this March 20th. However when I noticed my crocuses appearing on March 8th, I was determined to unwrap each of the containers (a partial view of them is featured in the picture directly below which was taken by a friend earlier this year) with one arm and move them with my foot, if need be in order to prepare my garden for JV to move everything back into place.

I'm so grateful to be able to do so much work with one arm (removal the burlap from of all but seven of my containers) and that JV was able to take care of those as evidenced in the next photo which features a partial view of what my garden looks like this morning.

If you look closely at the dark green containers (lower left and 3/4 way right), you will see the white crocus flowers with petals closed as they await the late morning or afternoon sunlight before opening.

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