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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Post Office Encounters Then & Now (Wednesday's Wisdom)

Every once in a while New Yorkers do hold together as evidenced in this essay by E.B. White (posted atop this entry) which was published just a little over 66 years ago on 3/6/1954.

I've read this piece over and over again and it came to my mind yesterday when I was at the post office where I'd gone to mail my submission of Imperfect Strangers,* which is something I mentioned in yesterday's Facebook entry.

My clerk, Connie, could not have been nicer or more accommodating and the same seemed true about her clerk-colleague who was sitting next to her.

Nonetheless, a woman on line began yelling at them, complaining she was in a hurry. No one verbally jumped to the defense of the postal clerks as is the case in White's essay, however, their silence seemed not to be due to a lack of empathy for the verbally attacked clerks, rather; it seemed to because of other things that are on people's minds these days; mainly the coronavirus.

Or maybe no one noticed the disruption because they were on cell phones and didn't even notice.

In any event, my exchanges with the postal clerks were pleasant and the next time I see either of them in the post office I plan to give them copies of White's ever relevant essay.
*Imperfect Strangers, as those who follow this blog know, is the title of my my book project, which is an autobiographical account of living with Neurofibromatosis (NF).

Information re this can be found in videos posted on my You Tube and Vimeo Channels.

Video 1 on Vimeo:
Video 1 on You Tube:

Video 2 on Vimeo:
Video 2 on You Tube:

Hopefully my book will be accepted for publication soon so that awareness re this rare disease of NF will be raised and spark awareness of other rare diseases.

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