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Friday, January 3, 2020

Just in: My Sales Announcement from FAA (Fine Art America)


I just received an announcement from FAA (Fine Art America) that someone from Connecticut purchased one of my "pouches" (book bags, totes weekenders with an image of my book series Words In Our Beak) printed on them). It can be seen in the image directly above.

As you may know, Words In Our Beak, is  a three volume book series where the stories are told from the perspective of the female cardinal featured on the cover of each book.

The buyer subsequently sent me an email saying, "I purchased a bag of yours and will gladly carry it around with me. I hope you have been able to make a few more sales."

Having someone carry around my bag is a great and much needed form of publicity for me as I've truly struggled to get the word about about any of my endeavors.

If people stop to ask the buyer about the bag or the image of the books imprinted on it, a wider door could truly be opened.

With that in mind, dear reader, I'd like to ask you to please share this info. The link to specifics about my "pouches:" is included here and in case you are able to direct anyone to my book series, here's the link:


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