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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Short Notice: Fine Art America is offering my tote bags (pouches) at a 25% discount but only for today (11-21-2019)!

This past March, Joan Budilovsky sent me the picture that is atop this entry. It features her son with a tote bag (or pouch) bearing one of my images of the Mandarin duck who wowed a number of people in Central Park from the fall of 2017 through March of 2018, after which he left without a trace.

Joan purchased the bag from Fine Art America (FAA) as they are the organization who renders my photographs (an array of wild bird images as well as ones which are kaleidoscopic) onto a number of various surfaces for wall art as well as items for personal use, such as tote bags.

The image is one you might recognize, dear reader, as I featured it in a blog post at that time, where I mentioned that after she received the tote bag, she sent me an email stating, "The pouch with your photography really is absolutely beautiful. Great quality material and photo.  They absolutely make spectacular gifts.  My son loves his and we have it hanging on our kitchen chair to see every day..."

I also state in that entry that "I have no way of seeing how my work looks when reproduced by FAA unless I buy it myself (which is unaffordable for yours truly at the moment) therefore, I'm most grateful to have this picture."

In any event, here we are a little over eight months since I received this photo, and this morning, I received a notification in my Email In Box that FAA is offering my tote bag/pouch at a twenty-five percent discount! But it is for today only! I sure wish they'd give me more of a heads up, but I have no control over that as FAA is the one doing the fulfillment.

What I do have control over, dear reader, is letting you know of the offer now that I've been made aware of it:

Admittedly, the kaleidoscopic thumbnails are hard to see in the screen shot as are the indivdual images of the bags, so, please click here to view them on FAA's site, where you will also find info re materials they use to produce this item.

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