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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tuesday Truths WK 141: Labored on Labor Day


I hope those that live in parts of the world where Labor Day is celebrated had a restful and rejuvenating holiday. As for me I labored! Most of my Labor Day Weekend — with the exceptions of taking walks in Central Park — was spent working on my video update for Imperfect Strangers.

I'm so happy to say I accomplished my task. Soon after doing so, I saw a post-it image (pictured above) in my newsfeed, the author of it is right — Who knew?

This news makes it a great time to reach out to you dear reader and ask you to please view my update for Imperfect Strangers.

I uploaded it to You Tube this afternoon and also to Vimeo. The duration is two minutes and thirty three seconds. I hope you will take the time to view it and leave a comment on my channel.

Meanwhile, as we are in the month of September, a month evidently set aside to be kind to writers and editors, I would like to remind you of my schedule for publishing blog posts which I announced on August 1 2019: Each Tuesday I will continue with my Tuesday's Truths series and in addition to that, I will be publishing an entry every other day.

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