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Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Beauty of Pencils (Thursday's Testimony)


I can relate, CB! When I was an elementary school student, I had bad experiences with pens too! In one of my for my hopefully forthcoming book (Imperfect Strangers) chapters, I state: "...The first day of school the teacher tells my class to write about our summer vacation. She hands out ruled paper and ballpoint pens. This is new for me. In prior years, my teacher had only let the students use paper with no lines and write with number two pencils. I don’t like lined paper because I can’t see well enough to keep my handwriting on the lines; my script is always spilling over into the spaces between them. I am not looking forward to using pens either. They make me uneasy because they are more permanent. Using ink makes it difficult to erase what I write. Now I am even more apprehensive about full-filling the writing assignment of how I spent my summer vacation..."

Gotta love CB's resourcefulness! It's easy to see why "they" say, "Your'e a good man Charlie Brown!"

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