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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday's Testimony


I begin today's blog entry with a recap: In Monday's post here on Blogger, I discussed a problem (related to writer's block) I'm having getting back on track with my proposal for Steidl (a publisher of photography books) as well as with tweaking my follow up video for Imperfect Strangers

And in Tuesday's entry I announced that "my work was truly disrupted by an unexpected major upheaval in my rooftop garden and at this time, I cannot even write about it, but I will do so in a few days, dear reader, after I've had time to deal with today's unfortunate situation."

Within Wednesday's entry I confessed "Consequences as a result of the disruption in my rooftop garden and the work space in my home that I mentioned in yesterday's post are something I will be contending with today."

The past few days disruption to my home and rooftop garden that came on the heels of recovering from a bad cold, undergoing dental procedures and losing my Internet as well as my phone services (which I've mentioned in a few blog entries) have impeded my ability to complete my Imperfect Strangers manuscript that is currently 32,680 words.

I've also admitted that  my recent series of disruptions have interfered with my ability to re-record my follow-up video to add to my You Tube and Vimeo channels.

Additionally (as I've been saying) I've allowed these circumstances to hinder my ability to tighten up my proposal for Steidl — even though the photographs I intend to include with my submission are in PDF format.

Time continues to march ahead rather I do or not! I had planed to have submissions out as well as have videos posted by June 21! Now, today, is August 1st and neither are ready, although they are both mighty close.

Therefore before any more time passes or I enter the state of denial (as the passengers in the cartoon atop this entry are about to do) that I can do everything, I need to accept that I can only do so much in a day, especially if I want to do it well. In accepting this fact, I realize I need to free up some time. The only way I see to that at this juncture is to adjust my blogging schedule.

As you may have noticed dear reader, for the past several months, I've published posts on a daily basis. However, during this time of my now being fully committed to the process of completing Imperfect Strangers as well as Steidl's proposal, I have decided to post every other day, except for Tuesdays (on that day I'll always post to keep up the momentum of my Tuesday's Truths series).

I will stick to this schedule (with the exception of an occasional extra posting on a non-scheduled day) until the end of the month of September (2019).

Thank you for understanding and I'll see you here on Blogger either this coming Saturday!

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