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Friday, September 6, 2019

National Read a Book Day 2019


Today is not scheduled as a posting day but I would be remiss to not give a nod to the holiday which is taking place on this day: #NationalReadABookDay!

What a perfect "excuse" to get your copies of my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.

I confess that I'd forgotten about this holiday as I've been a bit pre-occupied since learning I need to have an MRI of the brain to rule out any possibility of a tumor growing on my optic nerve.

People who have Neurofibromatosis (as I do) CAN have a tumor develop on their optic nerve. CAN is the operating word here, at least it's not ALWAYS.

In any event, my pre-occupation with scheduling this procedure, nearly caused me to forget about today's holiday, but thanks to the FB Page for The Charles Schultz Museum, who posted a copy of strip seen below, I've been made aware of the day.


I'll leave you with this info re National Read a Book Day, dear reader, and I'll see you here on Blogger tomorrow for my scheduled posting.

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