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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Small Business Saturday 2018

Today is Small Business Saturday, and folks in cyberspace are promoting it with hashtags including #ShopSmall or #SmallBusinessSaturday, as well as with images such as the one featured atop this entry. 

A well known small business's web-page who is using a copy of this particular image has this to re this Saturday's annual "observance:"

Small Business Saturday "always happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving .... Small Business Saturday was started in 2010 as a way to encourage shoppers to patronize businesses that are small and local. This was in counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which feature big box retail and e-commerce stores.  Started almost surprisingly by American Express, it wasn't until the next year in 2011 that the day became official with governors, mayors, senators and even President Obama voicing support for Small Business Saturday. "

I certainly recall the onset of putting Small Business Saturday on the calendar back in 2010, for I discussed the topic in an entry here on Blogger at that time.

As a published author and creator of photographs that can be reproduced on to greeting cards, various surfaces for wall art; as well as on household items or on to things for personal use, I consider myself to be a small business owner, albeit without a brick and mortar store.

And I certainly appreciate it when any brick and mortar store is willing to carry my books and or "products" that have incorporated my photographs.
Although I do admit that it's been most difficult (and for the most part impossible) to get small book stores to carry my Words In Our Beak book series (pictured below).


At the moment, only one small book store, known as book culture on Columbus (on the UWS in NYC) has carried a book of mine; but all of my books are available to any book seller.

Therefore dear reader, during this Small Business Saturday, please get ye to a bookstore and have them order volumes of my Words In Our Beak book series. In doing so, you will be supporting them as well as me!

Here's the info to give to ANY bookstore:

Volume One: ISBN: 9780996378529
Volume Two: ISBN: 9780996378536
Volume Three: ISBN: 978099637853

As for the photographs from these books that can be rendered on to greeting cards; a selection of them (a few samples can be seen directly below) are available within my pages on Fine Art America (FAA); and as I've been saying for the past two days (Thursday and Friday) here on Blogger, FAA is offering free shipping on all merchandise through this coming Monday, 11-26-2018.




FAA can also render my images of the now famous Mandridan duck on to greeting card, one example is posted directly below.


They also are able to produce my kaleidoscopic images on cards. Here are a couple of examples:


In terms of my photos of the Mandarin, as well as of my kaleidoscopic images, in addition to being able to be printed on greeting cards, they can be printed on an array of surfaces for home decor such as wall art (on an array of surfaces), shower curtains, duvet covers, throw pillows etal.

A fraction of these offerings can be seen in the next set of images.


The possibilities of what FAA can do with my images seem endless; but their offer for free shipping is not! As I've stated that promo ends in a few days: 11-26-2018.

I've only included a few samples within this entry, so I recommend that you visit my FAA collections to see the breadth of choices.

As we all know, many holidays will soon to be here, and no matter which ones you celebrate, you are sure to find something to give to those near and dear to you within my collections on FAA; but I urge you to look ASAP while their free shipping offer lasts.

After all, wouldn't you rather use shipping money for a glass of vino, a cup of coffee, or a hot chocolate...

Here's the link to view more items on FAA as well as to grab the shipping promo offer:

As for "grabbing" a glass of vino, a cup of coffee, or a hot chocolate; you are own with that dear reader, as cyber-space can only do so much...

Meanwhile, take advantage of your Small Business Saturday by supporting those who bring unique things into your life.


When the third volume of the hard-cover version of Words In Our Beak was released, I withdrew from promoting my former versions of Words In Our Beak. 

The very first one is an iBook and went into Apple's book store in 2015.

This was followed by an ePub version...

..that is available on Amazon and was also published in 2015.

Subsequently, Words In Our Beak's digital versions were published as a soft-cover book (with slight variations) by MagCloud in 2017.

Its press release can be read by clicking here.  [The press release does note my Kindle version of the digital Words In Our Beak, but I withdrew it from Amazon a few years ago and at this time, I do not intend to make it live again.]

Now with the release of BIRD TALES....

... I've been advised to make mention of my early versions of volume one of Words In Our Beak, they do vary ever so slightly in content from the hard-cover version of volume one. 

As of this addendum, I do not intend to create digital or soft-cover versions of Words In Our Beak Volume Two or Words In Our Beak Volume Three.

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