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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Solemn Remembrance: August 24,1944

This past August 15th, here on Blogger, I wrote about Mathilde Freund, a woman from my hood who had survived the holocaust. In the entry I referenced an article, Trading on Elegance, by Rui Miao.

The picture atop this entry is featured in Miao's article, but I did not include it within my 8-15-2017 posting;  as I wanted to save it for the day of August 24th, because that is when the photograph Mathilde is holding (in Miao's image) was taken, in the year 1944.

Re this image in the aforementioned article, Miao states the following;

"In a photo taken in Lyon the day it was liberated from the Germans, Freund is pictured with 10 men whom she risked her life to save. She had the men brought food and water while they hid from the German occupiers. 'It was August 24, 1944,' said Freund. 'I was 24, full of hope that I was going to see my loved ones.' She wore a white suit and skirt, looking cheerful and full of hope. She did not yet know that she would never again see her husband or brother. "

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