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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday's Wisdom: February 1's Holidays

Here's to a Happy February, dear reader! A new month is upon us! And since it is beginning on a Wednesday, a day I usually designate on Blogger to be Wednesday's Wisdom, I'll let you know  that according to Brownielocks (a web-site that takes note of traditional and "bizarre" holidays, much in the same manner, as Holiday Insights), one of the holidays occurring today is Change Your Password Day; hence my reason for posting this Zits comic strip atop this Blogger entry.

News re this holiday proves that the these times, they are a changing. Knowing this fact regarding today, makes me, once again, think that Oscar Wilde might have re-thought his opinion when he stated, "It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information."

Not that being prompted re changing your password is useless information, but having a holiday dedicated to it? And having this holiday fall on February the first; the very day which coincides with The Eve of Groundhog Day, when many folks as well as creatures are preoccupied with what the groundhog will report tomorrow, as evidenced in the Mutts strips posted below.

However, not everyone is preoccupied in spending their Ground Hog Eve by changing their passwords as a sign of paying homage to Change Your Password Day. Some are celebrating different holidays that also fall on February 1st.

These include the ones announced by Brownilocks which include Candy-Making Day, Car Insurance Day, Cordova Ice Worm Day, Decorating With Candy Day, G.I. Joe Day, Hula in The Coola Day, International Face & Body Art Day, National Signing Day, Robinson Crusoe Day, Serpent Day, Spunky Old Broads Day, National Girls & Women in Sports Day; and, National Freedom Day.

Of all the aforementioned holidays listed by Brownielocks for February 1st, Holiday Insights (HI) only mentions one of them, which is National Freedom Day. They state that this holiday "celebrates freedom from slavery, and recognizes that America is a symbol of freedom. (And) was established in 1948 to remind us that America stands for, and is a symbol of freedom for all people. The roots of this special day come directly from the end of slavery and the signing of the 13th amendment outlawing slavery."

H. I. suggests one "celebrate this day by reflecting upon (one's) own freedoms that (one) enjoys by being fortunate enough to be in America," and reminds folks that "millions of people in the world are not free."

They also explain that the origin of National Freedom Day comes from Major Richard Robert Wright Sr., a former slave saying he "believed that there should be a day when freedom for all Americans is celebrated. President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865. So, February 1st was chosen to celebrate National Freedom Day. On June 30, 1948, President Harry Truman signed a the bill proclaiming February 1st as National Freedom Day."

And regarding today's numerous holidays, H.I. has introduced a new one for February 1st, which is No Politics Day, explaining was established in 2017 by a man named Bob Matthews, of Rochester, New York. H.I. states that "Many Americans from both sides of the aisle, are disgusted and fed up with the ugliness of politics as of late. (And) want a break from all the arguing, bickering, nastiness, and negativity. (And) need a break from it. It is for this reason, that No Politics Day was conceived."

Sounds like a plan, as "they" say, however, sometimes the more one tries not to think about a given topic, the more they find themselves preoccupied with it; so fear not if you are one of those persons, for if you need a holiday to honor today, consider celebrating Ground Hog Eve and try to predict what that rodent will predict tomorrow!

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