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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Truths Week Twelve: Blessings Of The Animals are always done on The Feast Day of Saint Francis

Earlier today, October the fourth, here on Blogger, I posted an entry in honor of Saint Francis, whose Feast Day is today. And now, before the day ends, I'd like to report, as part of my Tuesday's Truths series, that a number of institutions throughout the world host an event in which one of any denomination, or no denomination, can bring his/her animal to be blessed. The Church Of  The Blessed Sacrament in NYC is included in that mix, and the image above this entry features a flyer used to promote the event.

This church has been featured in a vow-renewal video that I made for a client as well as in a memorial video that I produced for the son of Donna De Solis. She died in June of  2015, after having worked at The Church Of The Blessed Sacrament for over forty years. In any event, as I said, this church was one of many who hosted a Blessings Of The Animals today. I happened (by chance) to see a parishioner (who was with her dog) when I was on my way to do an errand. They were kind enough to let me take their photo, but unfortunately, her pug looked the other way!

Be that as  it may on other occasions, I have gotten dogs to look at the camera as evident in the following images of  a few dogs who I've encountered in NYC.

Events for blessings of animals are not only for dogs, any animal who can be escorted to the event is welcome. I'm not sure who the animal participants were at Blessed Sacrament's event, as I did not attend it. However, today as I walked from the Eastside of Manhattan to the Westside of Manhattan, I encountered many different animals, a mere fraction of who I saw (house sparrows, a squirrel, a duck and a turtle) can be seen below.

As I said, this only a fraction of what I saw, and I definitely would have taken more photographs had I not seen those three little words: "OUT OF BATTERY." However, anytime I run into a situation lie this re my camera, I try to heed to the wisdom of E.B. White, in his essay, Remembrance Is Sufficient. Here's an excerpt:

"...A few weeks ago she (White's aunt) said something so close to the theme of Christmas that we shall quote it here... We were apologizing for have taken her for a motor ride that morning to see once again the bright colors of the woods. 'Why, my dear,' she said without hesitation, 'remembrance is sufficient of the beauty we have seen.'"

And with that, dear reader, I hope you had a chance to celebrate animals on this feast day of their advocate, Saint Francis!

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