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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remembering Matthew Adam Garber (1956-1977): "FEED THE BIRDS . . ."

Matthew Adam Garber, pictured here with Karen Dotrice, in an imagedepicting a scene from the 1964 trailer for the movie, Mary Poppins, died thirty-five years ago today, June 13th, 1977. He was twenty-one years old.
Wednesdays are not normally part of TLLG's Blogger posting schedule, but the anniversary of Garber's death is on my mind because I've had birds on my brain — notice I did not say bird brain — ever since Juan V saw a hummingbird in my urban (NYC) container garden, and I subsequently put in feeders for these delightful creatures throughout my garden as described in an entry on tumblr.

In any event, to my knowledge, no hummingbirds have come to my garden since Juan V happened to see one a few weeks ago; however, a couple of cardinals did visit my garden, prompting me to hang a special feeder from a bracket that is attached to my apartment building's wall — the wall by my back door that leads to my garden. The feeder can be seen below:

Alas, no cardinals have returned to partake of the feast that I have left for them. I'm trying to take comfort in the blessing that it is to feed the birds, and to realize that you can lead a bird to feeders, but you can't make them eat; much like horses, water and drinking.

But, it is my act of trying to feed the birds — as the song from Mary Poppins bearing the same name ("Feed the Birds") instructs — the song that caused Matthew Garber as the Poppins character Michael Banks to have such wide-eyed awe, which caused me to think of Garber today.

Even if I'm unable to feed the birds, I am able to feed memories, dear reader, of the delightful moments Garber brought to the silver screen and to honor his life on this anniversary of his death.


  1. My friends and I knew every word to every song! So sad about this young man. Keep on putting out the seed, and they will come!

    Karen Everett Watson

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response, Karen! I will keep the seeds there for the cardinals and the "cocktails" for the hummingbirds, and I will think of you and Matthew Adam Garber as I do continue to help "feed the birds."


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