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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"If it's Tuesday, it must be tumblr . . . " Week No. 24

This morning Juan V was here to work with me in my rooftop garden, and, as he always does, took a few aerial photographs (using my camera) for me. I added the orange double-pointed arrow to one of his images as a "sneak preview" of what I plan to post about down (way down) the blogger road on Monday, July 16th 2012: Mark your Calendars!

You can see that the double-pointed  arrow is "aimed" at an empty chair and at the base of a container whose color is Black Forest Green. That container was refurbished this past week-end and "houses" my Actinida kolomikta and Actimida (Kiwi Vines) whose claim to fame was their role in my first garden themed Virtual Story (movie), titled, "The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame . . . almost," which has been referenced a number of times here on TLLG's Blogger Blog, including a post which you may refer to by clicking here. The Virtual Story itself may be viewed within my You Tube Channel. In any event, after many "production" delays of this Virtual Story sequel, my Actinida kolomikta and Actimida (Kiwi Vines) will return as a guest blogger, here on TLLG, Monday, July 16th, (boasting about their refurbished digs) to talk about his starring role in the sequel, so please stay tuned.
Meanwhile, since today is Tuesday, dear reader, you know that this means that it must be tumblr, and there is some new content posted by me at that locale,  including a presentation (flip book) celebrating the life of my Heirloom Original Poet's Daffodils, who, as you may recall were featured in a couple of posts here on TLLG which you may refer to by clicking here, and these sweet flowers had a few photo-ops on TLLG's Facebook Page.

Also on tumblr this week are some striking images of my 'Tamukeyama's' leaves. The 'Tamukeyama' is so inspiring that it almost takes its own photographs, as you can probably surmise from what you have read about this tree here on TLLG in posts which you may refer to by clicking here.

Moreover, on tumblr you will find news re my Echinacea, my funky, fun-loving opinionated herb who has been featured a number of times here on TLLG in entries found by clicking hereSo without further ado, here is the "general link" to my tumblr Pages and I hope you enjoy the content.

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