Monday, May 23, 2016

In Honor of World Turtle Day

I've just learned that today, May 23rd, is World Turtle Day. According to Wiki, this holiday has been sponsored yearly since 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue "to bring attention to, and increase knowedge of and respect for turtles and tortoises, and to encourage human action to help them survive and thrive."

The picture featured atop today's blog entry is of a turtle at a lake just north of Strawberry Fields in NYC's Central Park, and he/she seems to be a perfect spokes-turtle for the occasion, given his/her quizzical expression. Turtles are often found sunbathing in this lake as they do their people-watching. This one was not camera-shy, another quality making him/her a great candidate for a spokes-turle on World Turtle Day (or any occasion for that matter). Other turtles – as is the case with yours truly — do not enjoy having their picture taken.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another One Of Those "TWTWTW"* Things

In my last entry here on Blogger, which was International Migratory Day, I mentioned that as part of my paying homage to that official holiday, I had hoped to visit Super, the Northern Flicker whom I helped rescue on April 5, 2016.

As of last Saturday, Super was still rehabbing at NYC's WBF (Wild Bird Fund). Fortunately I was able to see him, have someone take this photo of him, and to hear detailed news re his prognosis. But, unfortunately, later during that same day, I had a horrific accident and have been unable to participate in much of anything, including my cyber-venues. 

However, I did post details re Super's prognosis as well as my accident on TLLG's Facebook Page. I hope to be back to posting content on a regular basis — here on Blogger — in the coming week. Please stay tuned. (P.S.*TWTWTW references can be found within this blog by clicking here.)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's International Migratory Bird Day!

According to Holiday Insights, today, May 14th, is International Migratory Bird Day. Here's part of what they have to say:"International Migratory Bird Day celebrates the incredible journey that migratory birds take each year. They travel thousands of miles between breeding groups in North America. and their winter hones in Central and South America. Organizers say this day is to both support and to increase awareness of conservation efforts in support of migratory birds. They also suggest a field trip into a woods to look for and enjoy migrating birds."

I will not be able to make a trip to any woods today but in terms of paying homage to this holiday, but I do hope to go to Central Park as well as The Wild Bird Fund (WBF). An image of The WBF's storefront can be seen atop this Blogger entry.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Honoring the Artist/Writer Edward Lear AND Albert Youngquist, who was oh so dear!

According to Wiki, Edward Lear, was born on May 12th or May 13th in the year 1812.  He was evidently a man of many talents including the ability to create illustrations. One of his works can be seen in the image posted atop this blog entry. Lear's illustrations are worth checking out, but I'll leave that to your digression, dear reader. I chose to include this one due to my appreciation of birds.

In any event, it is today's date, May the Twelfth, that Holiday Insights associates with Lear. And they deem it to be Limerick Day. This is because another part of Edward Lear's repertoire is his limericks, which he popularized in "The Book Of Nonsense." 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

News Re Super Bird's Progress & Donald, An Injured Pheasant

This past Monday, I went to visit Super bird, the Northern Flicker that I helped rescue on April 5th 2016. He is still at The Wild Bird Fund (WBF) in NYC, being treated for his injury. Super's prognosis is very iffy; and I was not allowed to visit him, as his cage was in an area that is near baths which were being sanitized. However, I did meet one of WBF's new patients, a pheasant named Donald. He can be seen in the picture atop this Blogger entry. For more info on Super's status and The Donald, please refer to my entry on Facebook.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

And Now A Word (Or Two) About Peanuts

This morning I woke up to breaking news that an "Iowa man's knee was shattered after discarded peanut shells caused him to slip onto the floor of a national steakhouse chain's Cedar Falls restaurant." And he subsequently followed a lawsuit seeking thousands upon thousands in damages! Evidently this was not the first time an individual served a restaurant because he/she had slipped on peanut shells. According to the same news source, "In 2008, a woman received $43,000 after she slipped on peanuts and fractured her kneecap at a Texas Roadhouse."

My hearing the breaking new re suing over peanuts came the same time that I was about to post my own breaking news related to peanuts which is this:

The bluejay, pictured above seems to be "showing off" the nourishment that I've provided within a wreath-style whole peanut feeder which I've recently hung in my urban (NYCrooftop garden. His/her actions in procuring peanuts were quite an inspiration to me the other day.

Friday, May 6, 2016

T.G.I.F! (As In Thank God It's Flowers!)

Cam, the cardinal in the photograph directly above, can be seen gazing upon a tulip known as Firesprays, which grow in my urban (NYCgarden. In her book, "Words In Our Beak Volume One" Cam discusses this tulip type. She also includes information regarding the other tulip varieties that I've grown here.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bird Day Reflections

Yesterday, May 4th, was a National Holiday in the USA. It's a holiday known as Bird Day.  However, while Bird Day is officially recognized on May 4th, it is an occasion I celebrate every day, as I truly appreciate the avian community. However, yesterday, I did spend part of the official Bird Day with Juan V, who was here to work with me in my rooftop urban (NYC) garden, where I'm working out the details re the placement of bird feeders.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


House Finches are featured in Patricia Youngquist's book, Words In Our Beak Volume One, available in Apple's iBook's store and on Amazon.

House Finches are one of many types of birds featured in Patricia Youngquist's book, Words In Our Beak Volume One, available in Apple's iBook's store and on Amazon.

House Finches are  a bird type featured in Patricia Youngquist's book, Words In Our Beak Volume One, available in Apple's iBook's store and on Amazon.

House finches have been spending time in a flowering crabapple tree which I have in my urban (NYC) rooftop garden. I overheard them debating the answer to the question, "If the April showers bring the May flower what does #TheMayflower bring?"

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April is the cruelest month?

Today is the last day of April for the year of 2016. As most folks know, it is a month associated with the adage, "April showers bring May flowers." Throughout my years as a gardener, I have made the observation that April showers TAKE AWAY May flowers, and I've written about this a number of times, including an entry I made here on Blogger in 2012.

I've also written about another fact regarding April, which is an observation made by T.S. Eliot: "April is the cruelest month . . . Winter kept us warm, Covering earth in forgetful snow, feeding a little life with dried tubers." 

I was initially reminded (in 2011) of Eliot's quote by a resident of a home where I was doing volunteer work. And indeed in this year of 2016, April has been a cruel month for me, for two persons that I've known since the 1980's have died. I referred to this fact in the post I made this past Tuesday here on Blogger.

By having an interest in people, birds and flora, which are all part of creation that passes away, I am bound to experience the pain of loss, when any living entity passes from this life.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pictures From My Latest Visit With Super

Due to the recent deaths of two individuals* that I've known for a long time, I've been pre-occupied. and unable to post anything on Blogger. I'm getting back to my routine and yesterday I was even able to go to The Wild Bird Fund and visit Super, the Northern Flicker pictured in the images above this entry. If you follow me on Blogger, you might recall that he is a bird I helped rescue earlier this month. I hope to receive more specific information on his progress in the coming days.

*If you'd like to read about this, I posted entries on TLLG's Fb Page and you can refer to them by clicking here as well as here and here.