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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Visiting Apple has Agenda (And I have another guest post to announce!)

Who's that lady? As you can see in the photograph above, I have another newcomer to my indoor succulent garden! And she calls herself Ms. Apple of Your Eye. (If you follow my blog, you know that figurines always add seasonal amibence to my succulent garden – please click here to see related posts on TLLG, and you may also be aware that recently I guest posted on My Square Foot Garden about indoor succulent gardens).

In any event, Ms. Apple of Your Eye, resembles Lady Prickly Pear in "body color" only, and, moreover, she has told me that, like Lady Prickly Pear, she will be with my succulents until spring when other figurines are due to return! 

Additionally, Ms. Apple of Your Eye, informed me that, although she will share my "succulent garden space" with my orange (as in the fruit) figurine, who was featured yesterday on TLLG's Facebook Page (and also on nybg's — New York Botanical Gardens — tumblr), with a narrative accompanying the following image,

she detests the expression, "comparing apples and oranges" . 

When I asked Ms. Apple of Your Eye why she was so adamant in her opinion regarding the apples and oranges expression, she brought up an old childhood wound, that she experienced when she was not cast in a school play, and she pointed out other apples have experienced this also, as indicated in the following image from Wiki:

I understand Ms. Apple of Your Eye's attachment to childhood wounds. I, like most others, have plenty of those, but, I seldom look back after having the following insight.

Every time I ride the train, I always make an attempt to choose a seat that is facing the direction the train is traveling, because riding backwards and looking where I have been makes me physically ill. This should be a warning to me, as I have a tendency (although not nearly as bad as it once was), to analyze the past, and the physical nausea I experience from riding on trains — when facing the opposite direction of which I am heading – is a good indicator that it is much better for me to always face the direction I am going.


  1. I do not like sitting backwards either!
    This apple orange post was divine.

  2. Thanks for your kind words about my post, Robert! Your own work is so excellent that your compliment is especially appreciated!


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