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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Make New Friends, Keep the OLD; ONE is SILVER the OTHER is GOLD"

For me, and perhaps you as well, dear reader, there is nothing like nature to be reminded of the message indicated in the traditional Girl Scout song, "Make New Friends But Keep the Old; One is Silver; the Other is Gold."

If you would like to hear an instrumental rendition of this song, please click here.

Meanwhile as of today's blog entry, in my urban terrace garden my yellow roses are blooming again for the fourth time this season, and I am not complaining. The yellow roses are aways a joy to behold; and as you may recall, one of my yellow roses authored a post about itself; and told of its life experiences in my terrace garden in a blog entry this past May, which you may refer to by clicking here.

The photograph posted above shows a view of a new yellow rose bud (there are many which are off camera) with its friend (the old); the pod of one of my "spent" deep purple H.F. Clematis flowers. I have put the word "spent" in quotes, for as you know, if you follow this blog, I appreciate what the H.F. Clematis flowers leave behind once the purple petals of their flowers have fallen off. It's a well known fact that I appreciate these guys in all of their aspects of life: from bud, to flower, to what remains when petals fall; as evident in the photographs posted below which have already appeared on my blog.

If you'd like to refer to what I have said about this Clematis in the past in text (not necessarily connected with these specific photographs but connected to the H.F. Young's bud, flower, and petal-less legacy) please go to the "labels menu" in my blog (on the lefthand side of all postings) and select "Clematis", where you will find my profound  (-; thoughts on this vine, especially in the posts which can be accessed by clicking here and here as well as here.

As for the yellow roses, they now have a starring role in my second garden movie, which is still in production status, but has the working title, "The Kiwi Vine and the Monarch Butterfly". This movie is a sequel to my first garden movie, "The Kiwi Speaks! Fifteen Minutes of Fame . . . almost" which is now on Vimeo. If you would like to see a trailer of my first garden movie, and have access to the link to view it, please click here.

With these thoughts, dear reader, I will say, as corny as the rendition of the Girl Scout friendship song may sound, the philosophy and the truism behind it is vital — especially in the "disposable" society we live in today. 

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