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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

Well, dear reader, according to the comic strip Mutts, created by Patrick McDonnell, which is an animation that I adore (and one that I have sighted in a previous post that can be found by clicking here), we are in "half time", and, while I appreciate this animation (and often the sentiment that goes with it); I do not think "half-time" officially begins until the end of June, as that is the time the calendar year is half over, or perhaps, and maybe even more important, is the time of the onset of the remaining part of the year, and a chance to begin again.
I have had soirées in the past to celebrate the half-year mark (as evidenced in a previous post honoring last year's half-year mark, which you can refer to by clicking here), and many of my clients have found the line of invitations that I create (and that preserve a moment in time) quite suitable and elegant for such an occasion. Many selections are included in the store-front pages of my web-site where purchase information is also available. 

Whether today, the first day of June, or the end of the month signify "half-time", the month of June and all the wonderful celebrations (and reasons to send cards —which can also be found within the aforementioned links — to those near and not so dear to you) are on the way. This year they include ones associated with religious observations such as the Jewish celebration of Shavout and the Christian celebration of Pentecost, as well as many confirmation celebrations. Some other festivities in June that are enhanced by sending cards and invitations include graduations, Father's Day, and the Summer Solstice, so I encourage you to "get out and reach out" with my unique snail-mail forms of communication, and roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!


I no longer actively produce event program covers, invitations and the types of greeting cards described here or on my website but arrangements might be able to be made under certain circumstances. My focus is on the Words In Our Beak book series, pictured below...


...whose stories are told from the point of view of Cam, a female cardinal, whose photo is on the cover of each book. Words In Our Beak’s goal is to open readers to a simple understanding of the winged world and their environment. Set in my rooftop urban garden in New York City. Words In Our Beak is directed to children and adults who are curious about birds, and want to learn about them from a unique perspective. The books include hundreds of images of flora and fauna, links to movies, as well as to informative narratives that have been created by the author.

Please click here to go to my blog post that provides details as to where you can get these books.

Additionally,  I have rendered some images from these books into other formats and they are available via Fine Art America (FAA). Some of my other photographs (Black & White Collection, Kaleidoscopic Images and the famous Mandarin duck who visited NYC) can also be found on my FAA pages.

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  1. The on-line brochure mentioned in this blog entry has been redesigned since the time of this posting. The link included in this post has been changed to direct you, dear reader, to the latest version of my on-line brochure.


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