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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

Well, dear reader, according to the comic strip Mutts, created by Patrick McDonnell, which is an animation that I adore (and one that I have sighted in a previous post that can be found by clicking here), we are in "half time", and, while I appreciate this animation (and often the sentiment that goes with it); I do not think "half-time" officially begins until the end of June, as that is the time the calendar year is half over, or perhaps, and maybe even more important, is the time of the onset of the remaining part of the year, and a chance to begin again.

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  1. The on-line brochure mentioned in this blog entry has been redesigned since the time of this posting. The link included in this post has been changed to direct you, dear reader, to the latest version of my on-line brochure.


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