Sunday, January 20, 2019

Penguin Awareness Day 2019

In honor of today's holiday, Penguin Awareness Day, I'm including images of my penguin figurine ("modeling" his vest) atop this entry and a link to a post within Discovery Blog that lists five fun facts re this amazing bird type.

I would love to travel to the areas where they are found, in the meantime, I saw them in the Central Park Zoo many years ago. There something a little sad about seeing them in that situation, in my opinion.

Be that as it may, I'm including a You Tube video (below) that I found on the web just to give you a sense of this bird's NYC life; but I don't really endorse seeing birds behind glass swimming in waters that are not ones they were meant to be in.

I doubt I'll go to the zoo to see them again since I find it somewhat disturbing, instead I'll enjoy seeing their likeness rendered on The Delacorte Clock (in Central Park) which is not too far from the zoo.

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