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Saturday, January 19, 2019

It's (supposedly) N'tl Popcorn Day


In my poking around the Internet, I discovered that "National Popcorn Day is a day that celebrates one of America’s favorite snack foods, popcorn. While there is some debate on the origins of this day and on which day it should be celebrated, most popcorn aficionados agree that the day is usually celebrated on January 19th."

I also found a lot of discrepancies as to rather or not wild birds should be fed popcorn. The consensus seems to be that it is ok to do do, if it has been popped (preferably air popped) and without any salt.

Additionally I came across a recipe for popcorn balls that are for the birds and an image of what they evidently look like is posted atop this entry. This photograph is accompanied by a recipe but since I am highly unlikely to prepare this avian treat, even in honor of it being National Popcorn Day, I'm providing you with the "how to link," in the event you are so inclined to make these and I'm also wishing you a happy Popcorn Day.

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