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Sunday, January 13, 2019

International Skeptics Day 2019 ETC

I am featuring this October 2018 image of a turtle in Central Park as it seems to me that the turtle featured in it (where he/she is lounging upon a rock alongside the lake in Central Park) may have been feeling a little skeptical, which would have been apropos for this day of January 13th, as this is one of two days that a holiday known as International Skeptics Day is celebrated. I guess there are so many creatures as well as humans are skeptical that it requires two separate holidays!

However, there won't be turtles atop a rock today what with the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing in NYC.

In what Ranger Rob calls an “incredible adaptation to avoid the cold winter,” Central Park’s turtles bury themselves under mud at the bottom of frozen water bodies. There, they hibernate, conserving energy until the water thaws and it’s time to head up to warmer temperatures.

One of those bodies of water where they hibernate (which is something thy are certainly not skeptical about hibernating in is Turtle Pond.

Many turtles who frequent there have been the inspiration for one of my kaleidoscopic photographs titled, Turtle Pond. It can be seen in the image directly below which is a copy of how it appears within the kaleidoscopic gallery on my website,

My web-site was designed by Chris Deatherage (CD), who is the editor and formatter of the hardcover volumes (three) in my Words In Our Beak book series.*

And several months ago, CD, uploaded my kaleidoscopic collection to Fine Art America (FAA), so they could be printed on an array of surfaces for wall art such as (alphabetically), acrylic...

... canvas...
.... "standard format"....
... and also framed.

Moreover, FAA has the capacity to print images on an array of non wall art surfaces, including greeting cards...

... and household items, such as duvet covers...

.... as well as shower curtains...
.... and also throw pillows.

Additionally FAA can print images on tote bags, as evidenced below.

There is nothing to be skeptical about re the quality of FAA's renditions! Here's the link to where you can find size and pricing info for the "products" seen in this entry:

*AND, here is the info re how to get the Words In Our Beak book series.

Volume One: ISBN: 9780996378529
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:
book culture On Columbus (a bookstore on the UWS in NYC):

Volume Two: ISBN: 9780996378536
Book Seller Info:
Barnes & Noble On-Line:

Volume Three: ISBN: 978099637853
Now available on Amazon @ and can be ordered from any place selling books by giving them the title and/or ISBN, which once again is 978099637853.

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