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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Book reviews really are necessary! (Wednesday's Wisdom)

Amazon has opened up brick and mortar stores in Manhattan. One of them is in the Time Warner Building where Borders used to be (seen in this picture  — which is from the web — atop my entry).

I spoke to a manager at that location re carrying my book series (Words In Our Beak) pictured below;

and was informed that they will consider carrying books whose authors offer them on Amazon (which I do) provided they see the book/books have a number of reviews (I have some).

If you happened to buy either volume one or volume two of my book series on Amazon and have not had a chance to review it; I'd truly appreciate it if you could do that, so my chances of having the books included in their brick and mortar bookstores are more promising.

For your convenience, here are the Amazon links.

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