Saturday, August 18, 2018

8-18-18's Trivia is from Nancy Nelson Mancini!

The image posted directly above is a reminder about August 2018 trivia (specifically today's date) and it came from Nancy Nelson Mancini, my prolific writing comrade and avid reader of various versions my Words In Our Beak book series (pictured below).

Before volume one became available in hardcover format seen at the left in the photo directly above, it was published in soft cover format (2016) via MagCloud (seen in the next image).

Nancy purchased the book in this format and posted a comment on my MagCloud page saying:

Cleverly written to educate as well as entertain, I enjoyed Words In Our Beak start to finish in one sitting. Thanks Cam ( and Patricia) for not only a delightful, insightful read, but also for an abundance of beautiful photography.....well done!

After the hardcover versions of this book series became available, she purchased volume two

(via Amazon) and wrote a review (posted below):

A beautifully photographed and humorous story of the life of Cam, a female cardinal, and her fine feathered friends in the ever evolving rooftop NYC garden of The Last Leaf Gardener. As with Volume one of Words In Our Beak, I laughed, I learned, and was totally enthralled with this avian’s delightful story of her trials and tribulations of living in New York’ll enjoy it!

I'm very grateful that Nancy's has purchased my books and has taken the time to review them. So many people tell me they will get copies of my books and never do it! Moreover, many people have promised to review it but never followed through.

I truly wish people would not give me false hope. If they don't buy a copy of the books or review it, that's their right, but to raise my hopes about a sale or review and then do nothing never ceases to disappoint me.

Thank goodness for people like Nancy on this day of 8-8-2018 (and every day) who know how important "promises" are to a writer and follow through on their word — especially to write a review.

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