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Saturday, November 6, 2021

"IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS" is now available!

My new book, IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS is now available in Apple's Bookstore

I first made an annoucement about it on October 1, 2021, then published a follow up re this endeavor on October 30 2021, and, as of yesterday, the book is live!

This book with a light hearted tone and stunning photography, takes nature lovers of all ages on a delightful journey and includes photos which capture the detail and awesome wonder of various birds; assorted insects; a reptile; a fish; and an array of flowers as well as foliage; all found within New York. 

The narrative provides insights regarding nuances found in these aspects of Mother Nature. Read IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS and add a bit of joy to your day.

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