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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Nine Years Ago (9-19-2012)

When going through my photo library to select images for my newest book, which I ultimately titled BIRD TALES, I came across this photograph of Cam, the female cardinal who narrated all of my versions of Words In Our Beak (you can view details regarding each version by clicking on the thumbnail imsge of it's cover located within this blog's side left side bar).

In any event, the day I took this picture (which was nine years ago on this very day of September 19th), Cam was spending time in my garden that is atop a roof extension in New York City

I am now thinking my blog's readers might find a little bit of fun in choosing one of the following captions for this photo:

a) "Grace before meals"

b) "Decisions, Decisions"

c) "SOOO many seeds, so little time"

d) None of the above. I, the reader, have a better idea.

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