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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My H.F. Clematis Vines are in bloom again...

This Sunday is Mother's Day and like any new mother joyful over moments of her new child's life (such as the first time she sees a smile or hears her child's first utterance), so am I with my H.F. Young Clematis, that I have in my garden

I've had them in my garden since the early 2000's and each spring when they are born again after a winter's long nap, my spirits are lifted. 

It's been quite a number of years now that they have come back in the spring, and a few days ago they made their first appearnce for this year of 2021.

Some pictures featuring details of this year's buds and flowers are atop this entry. 

As you can tell, their blooms and buds tend to be nearly as large as the light bulbs on the string lights which hang over my garden.

I've mentioned them prior posts here on Blogger, they are another great find from the greenmarket at Union Square.

From the moment a bud first appeared on the vine (when they initally moved into my plaee in the early 2000's) and traveled boldly up the pole, to their magnificent unfolding, I was in love!

Probably folks who live in the buildings and have windows which overlook my garden (as seen in the next sequence of photographs)... 

... are happy to see them come back (annually) too.

As you can surmise, they are very photogenic, so I am most grateful that they have allowed me to take pictures of them and share their stories within in my book series, Words In Our Beak.


They were introduced in volume one and in volume two, their story of surviving upheavals in my garden are inspiring. 

Here's some Wednesday's Wisdom: Words In Our Beak makes a great Mother's Day gift and as I've stated that holiday for 2021 is this coming Sunday, May 9th.

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