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Friday, April 30, 2021

Arbor Day 2021

I’ve had my dear crabapple tree (a detail from her foliage is featured in the image atop this entry) growing in my garden since March of 2016 and she continues to bring me pleasure. 

This year after a rough winter, she came back in March and I wrote about this fact here on Blogger. Moreover, I published another post about her this past Friday.

She is one of the the four trees growing in my place (the others are a Beech Tree, a Japanese Larch and a Japanese Red Maple).

In any event, yesterday's heavy April showers were rough on her (as evidenced in the photos included within this post) what had been gorgeous blossoms causing me to think of the  lyric line,“Where have all the flower gone?”

Some fell on to the leaves of my kiwi vines others fell in puddles that had accumulated on my garden’s surface (as evidenced in the next pictures).

As you may know, my garden is the setting my three volume hardcover book series, Words In Our Beak

This is a photo of my three volume book series, "Words In Our Beak." Information re the books is another one of my blog  posts @

My stories are told in the voice of Cam, a female cardinal, who visits it. Words In Our Beak is directed to children and adults who are curious about birds, and want to learn about them from a unique perspective. 

They make for a great gift to give to someone near and dear to you in honor of the obsrvation of Arbor Day, that always occurs on the last Friday in April, which is today!

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