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Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday's Memo: Catch a Falling Snowflake

Sally, a character in the PEANUTS comic strip is trying to catch falling snowflakes on her tongue.

Sally (seen in the image atop this entry) knows how to find happiness during a snow-day, and so did my visiting starling! When he stopped by during yesterday's snowfall it appeared he was trying to catch snowflakes with his beak (as evidenced in the photograph directly below).

By the way, starlings are featured in my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.The stories as you may know take place in my garden...

This is a photo of my three volume book series, "Words In Our Beak." Information re the books is another one of my blog  posts @

and make a perfect gift for someone who may be in quarantine or lockdown due to consequences of the coronavirus because the stories in them can bring the outdoors into the homes of those who cannot go out and about. 

However, these books are also nice to give to as a Valentine's Day gift to love birds who love birds. That holiday is this coming Sunday!

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