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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tuesday's Truths Week 192: What a difference a week makes!


As many of you may know, a number of people were impacted by Hurricane Isaias, which took place in NYC, one week ago (on August 4th 2020) and I was no exception, in fact I had a Wizard of Oz moment.

Here's what happened: This past Tuesday, August 4th 2020, I had a long-standing in office surgical procedure scheduled to be done on my jaw and I had to stop at another doctor's office for a related pre-op procedure prior to it being done. The pre-op doctor's office is in my 'hood (south of me) and the surgeon's office is also in my 'hood (north of me).

Just as I was heading to the first procedure, heavy rains (which were a result of tropical storm Isaias) were making landfall in my 'hood. Additionally the winds (also a result of Isaias) were ALSO JUST starting to pick up....

BUT I made it to the first appointment, albeit with great difficulty and when the doctor finished her pre-op, the plan was for me to return to her immediately after my surgery so she could complete a procedure. Upon leaving her office I had to cross a street to get to a bus-stop and by then the rain was blinding. The wind had picked up (EXTREME UNDERSTATEMENT). As I waited for the bus the winds pushed me against a wall and I truly believed I would fall and injure myself.

Moreover I could not close my umbrella and the winds were lifting me along with it.

I felt that I might have a Dorothy moment, but without Toto.

And there was no tin man (needing a heart), nor was there a scarecrow (needing a brain), or a lion needing courage to keep me company.


In fact THERE WAS NO ONE AROUND as I struggled to maintain my footing while waiting for a bus. Once again, the winds pushed me against the wall and I screamed loudly hoping to get the attention of a workman whom I spotted while he was attempting to clear tree branches and trunks that had fallen.

I could easily of been hit by a falling tree or tree limbs.

Be that as it may, chances of the man seeing me in the sheets of rain were slim and chances of him hearing my screams were even slimmer because of the noise from his tools.

Taking a taxi was not an option. I just don't have money for that, and even if I did there weren't any in or out of sight.

I finally got my umbrella to close and opted to get drenched as I awaited the bus, which finally arrived. Everything I was wearing was soaking wet, including my cardinal-themed face-mask.

By the time I entered the surgeon's office, I felt hopeless.

A member of the staff loaned me some scrubs to wear so I would be dry during the procedure and when it was over, an assistant stood with me while I awaited bus transportation back to the office of the doctor who did the pre-op.

After she was finished the rains and winds had died down a little bit, but not too much.

STILL, I made it home, and Glinda...


is spot on, "there's no place like...."

BUT enter the next problem, I did not have what I needed in my place because something that was sent to me was spoiled and I could not use it, nor could I go out for a few days.

Therefore I was a bit down in the dumps and extremely uncomfortable, but thankfully the birds who visit my place did pop by, and as the lone squirrel (who has been visiting me since July 8th, 2020) and seeing all of these creatures lifted my spirits.

And now, one week later...


.... I'm thankful to say that I'm in the process of recovering. THANKS FOR LISTENING, DEAR READER, AND PLEASE STAY TUNED.

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