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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Day 2, Phase 2 (which was yesterday): Showing Appreciation + Negligence

EB, 6/23/2020 PARTICIPANT 

Yesterday marked day two of phase two and in one of my entries here on Blogger I stated, "As you may know, re-openings across the state have been gradual and in NYC, PHASE ONE began on June 1, 2020;  while PHASE TWO began yesterday.

These lockdowns and COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic concerns coupled with these new logistics of re-openings have had an impact on my content within this blog, as I've focused primarily on those issues.

I plan to change that and begin to return to other content..."

However, in this entry, I will still be providing details re #ClapBecauseWeCare sessions (last night was the eighty-fifth session a participant from it can be seen in the image atop this entry).

Although attendance in these sessions is now down as people stop sheltering place and or leave the city for summer vacations, last night's event was heartfelt and filled with resounding gratitude, the enthusiasm seen in the man's face featured in the aforementioned picture reflects that of those who gave their two minutes to clap, cheer, make noise as part of the ongoing mission to express gratitude to first responders, healthcare professionals and essential workers who have been keeping us safe during the pandemic.

Last night while doing a quick errand in the 'hood, I came upon a brownstone, where either the owner or a tenant had expressed appreciation in a unique manner, as seen in the next picture.

It's heart warming to see the outpouring of unified thankfulness continuing to be expressed.

However on another note, it's heart wrenching to see others practicing negligence, some of which can be seen in the following photo-op...

... this type of street scene now dominates my 'hood, and presumably most of NYC.

A reason for this, or THEE reason for this is our mayor (Bill De Blasio) is of no help. He will now reduce alternate side of the street parking to one day a week so that people, "don't have to get up early and sit in their car with their laptops waiting till they can move their car...

Additionally, "...because cars won't have to be moved, restaurants tables can be placed outside for outdoor dining."

Well isn't that nice?!

The whole reason for alternate side of the street parking was so streets could be cleaned.

Now, most likely, we will have an influx of rats and mice (at no fault of these critters) because of l the food scraps that will surely drop to the street.

Last evening I took this picture (directly below) of how outdoor tables are pining in parked cars, and some guy (sitting at a table) yelled out, "no cameras."


I wasn't taking his picture, I wanted to show how parked cars and outdoor dining are looking.

I subsequently told him to wear a mask to which he said, "kiss my ass."

My reply? "No thank you."

Further words are not needed, if we get a resurge, it will be because of one person's lack of concern for another, which is already a wide-spread worldwide pandemic.

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