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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday's Scenario: To be the Teflon OR to not be the Teflon? That is the question!


Snoopy's got this, PARTIALLY.... and it is definitely how I felt this past Sunday when I was verbally attacked for my having Neurofibromatosis AKA NF.

BUT I do realize I don't have to "suffer these indignities," I most likely will have to be subjected to them over and over again...

And I will remind Snoopy, we don't have to "suffer these indignities," THAT part (suffering them) is in our control; as a friend of mine said to me upon hearing about my unpleasant encounter this past Sunday, "BE THE TEFLON."

With today being the last day of this month of May (which is the month set aside for NF awareness month) perhaps the wisdom of being the Teflon is truly noteworthy (at least for me).

Then again maybe "being the Teflon," isn't the answer either, for as Amanda Remsberg (bird-rehabber) pointed out, in a FB comment, "somedays we cant be Teflon, we can only be the willow and bend with the wind. Or maybe the water that eventually gets to the ocean in spite of all the rocks, trees, dams of beaver and man set in its way. It’s flexible, permeates porous surfaces, seeps quietly, but also roars at the biggest obstacles. I’d rather be water than an old nonstick pan."

My reply to this: "Very true, AR, and it's not quite in my nature to (as a friend advised) to be the Teflon. Moreover, I'm surprised that the sensitive Charlie Brown would say such a thing to Snoopy!
Maybe, you are not always a good man, Charlie Brown."

On another note, and regarding this being NF Awareness Month, as some of you may know, I've written a book length project, Imperfect Strangers, that discusses growing up with NF and I've posted a video re my endeavor which can be viewed within my Vimeo channel as well as my You Tube channel.


In any event, part of the completed manuscript was mailed to a prominent publisher (they only wanted to see the first 50 pages) a week or so before our governor and mayor shut down the city.

In my submission, I included a copy of the handwritten letter (another copy is posted directly below) sent to me by actress Gillian Anderson who read part of my story. She gave me permission to include it in my submission.

Encounters like my most recent one, truly confirm to me that there is a need for my book to be published in order to raise awareness and educate the general public who know little about NF.

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