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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sessions 41 #ClapBecauseWeCare

(He has taken a video of a session from his window.)

This evening was the 41st  session of #ClapBecauseWeCare and a few photo-ops from it are featured atop this entry. During my participation, in addition to my thinking of all of the healthcare professionals, first responders and essential workers, my thoughts were especially focused on my brother-in-law (JM) who is due to get the results of his COVID-19 test tomorrow.

It is the same day I will be making my first "real" trip out of my apartment to follow-up with my orthopedist re the injury I sustained this past January when I broke my Greater tuberosity.

Many of  the healthcare professionals, first responders and essential workers, who are keeping us safe during this pandemic, surely have test results to be concerned about and/or are still recovering from injuries they sustained in the past, yet they persevere and fulfill their obligations, which why it is so important to show appreciation in whatever way that can be done, and as I've been saying one small way to do this is to show up for these sessions.

Another way, and perhaps one of the most important ways, is to wear a mask.

Evidently, sessions like these have had a tremendous impact on our health care professionals, first responders and essential workers. Moreover, the wearing of face-masks is appreciated by them too (understatement).

Most everyone knows, it has recently been noted that the importance of wearing a face-mask cannot be stressed enough as a means a to prevent one person from inadvertently spreading the coronavirus to another.

Additionally it has been made clear that wearing a mask is the least a person can do to show their appreciation for health care professionals, first responders and essential workers; as well as their famlies.

But the effect of one seeing so many people wearing masks has already had a profound psychological impact on many persons; therefore when Fine Art America (FAA) recently informed me that it had added the ability to imprint my images on cloth face-masks designed for everyday use when out in public through its sister site,, I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to have this done.

With so many people wearing face-masks, I started to think what it must be like for babies, toddlers, and older children — or residents of assisted living and nursing home facilities cut off from visits by family and friends — to be looking into the faces of adults wearing a “clinical–looking” mask.

How frightening and confusing that must be for them! I hope that seeing my images imprinted on face-masks makes the world a lot more cheerful for them.

I have joined with fellow FAA artists by selecting four of my images to be used with face-masks.

They can be seen in the following four images (or via the link to view them all together on FAA). Please note by clicking on a photo (below) for an individual mask, you can read specifics related to it.


Each mask, made from 100% polyester, is one-size-fits-all using two woven, elastic loops to secure it around the ears.

By the way, a press release announcing my masks ia also available. Please click here to read it and remember, when purchasing, be sure to read the full description on the product page.

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