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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tuesday's Truths Week 162: We go out on a limb for those we love...

According to a web-page for The Phrase Finder (TPF), the meaning of the phrase "Go out on a limb," is "to put oneself in an isolated position in one's support of someone or something... the limb being talked about here is the branch of a tree and 'out on a limb' is an allusion to climbing trees and going just a bit further than is comfortable...."

They go on to claim, "All of us must remember that feeling of not wanting to go further out to reach that apple/ball or whatever for fear that the branches' limb would break under us (and then they explain), "The first uses of 'out on a limb' in a figurative sense, that is, one where there is no reference to actual trees or climbing, come from the USA at the end of the 19th century."

Additionally, TPF lets their readers know, one example "of an early use of the phrase is found in the Steubenville Daily Herald, October 1895:'We can carry the legislature like hanging out a washing. The heft [main part] of the fight will be in Hamilton country. If we get the 14 votes of Hamilton we've got 'em out on a limb. All we've got to do then is shake it or saw it off.'"

Generally people will go out on a limb for those they love and I think members of the avian community do the same; at least that's what the Northern cardinals in the photo, Cardinal Love 3,  atop this entry seem to be doing.

This image has been rendered on to a card (by Fine Art America AKA FAA) which makes for a perfect Valentine, for it clearly shows these love birds (named Cam and Mac) l going out on a limb for and with each other.

Moreover, FAA can render this picture on to an array of surfaces for wall art;  including acrylic...

Cardinal Love 3


Cardinal Love 3


Cardinal Love 3

...special art paper...

Cardinal Love 3 well as wood...

Cardinal Love 3

... for varying sizes of wall art.

Moreover they also offer framed images of my collection.

Cardinal Love 3

For more info, please visit me on FAA.

Additionally, an array of photographs of this bird type along with informative narratives are featured within my book series, Words In Our Beak, where all the stories are told from the perspective of Cam, the female cardinal featured in all of these images.


These books also make a great gift for Valentine's Day (or any day for that matter).

Just a quick reminder, Valentine's Day is thirteen away, so if you would like to get these items for your true love, please act quickly to avoid delays caused by shipping.

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