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Sunday, January 19, 2020

The First 2020 Snowfall in NYC


Late yesterday afternoon what started out as light snow, turned heavy and at times like this, Central Park is more magical than ever; so I was happy when Mike Mishkin contacted me to see if could do a last minute quick article (for iLovetheUpperWestside) because it motivated me to take photographs before all evidence of snow would be disappearing due to pouring rain.

Unfortunately in the process of attempting to get a better shot of a snow laden drinking fountain, I didn't see a curb and took quite a fall.

I've been in dire pain ever since and fear I may have broken my upper arm or shoulder. I can move it but not without extreme pain or helping the injured arm by the use of my "good" arm.

I'll be seeing a pharmacist today for a recommendation as to what to do.

Meanwhile my article re NYC 's first first snow fall of the year (and of the decade) is live, you may also click here to read it.

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