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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday's Sequel: Answering the Question, "How low can you go?"

In my Thanksgiving Eve entry here on  Blogger, I mentioned warnings that unusually high winds could prevail on Thanksgiving, causing the grounding of balloons who were set to "march" (fly) in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

And as I said in my subsequent entry which I published on the day after the official holiday (where I featured the Macy's balloon who is rendered in the likeness of Chase from Paw Print), "Indeed, there were VERY high winds, but the balloons were allowed to participate..."

I concluded my aforementioned entry by stating, "THE QUESTION OF THE DAY WAS: 'How low can you go?' Stay tuned for photo-ops (in subsequent entries) re the answer to this question!"

Now, two days after I published that entry, I'm still not sure how low a Macy's ballon can go, but I am able to give you a pictorial accounting of what happened in the case of several of them.

In the first picture atop this entry, Sinclair's Dinosaur, can be seen heading south down CPW during this year's parade.

In the second as well as the third photo approaching that same street lamp in 2017.

As for Jett, another 2019 parade participant, he nearly collided with that same street lamp in 2017, as evidenced in the photograph below...

... but in the Parade that took place the other day, he could hardly go above CPW!

The same is true for Pikachu: He nearly collided with that same street lamp in 2017, as shown in the picture below...

... but in the Parade that took place the other day, like Jett, Pikachu could hardly go above CPW!

Wiggle Worm also had a hard time getting off the "ground" this year...

... but who can blame her?

After all, worms are ground travelers!

However, in bygone years (including 2012) that fact hasn't stopped Wiggle from riding high when participating in the Parade.

Harold the Fireman also had a hard time getting off the "ground" this year, or was he merely keeping his nose to the grindstone (CPW's Parade route)?

However, in bygone years (including 2012) Harold had no problem being above the crowds!

But getting back to close encounters with a strret lamp:

Just like Jett as well as Pikachu, The Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger nearly injured his shoulder by grazing that same streetlamp back in 2016, as seen in the next image.

The following photo shows he took no chances in letting his shoulder collide with the street lamp, instead he got friendly by greeting 2019's parade goers.

As for the balloon rendered in the likeness Ronald McDonald, he had a close call (in 2016) with a possible face injury when colliding with a metal poster affixed to the same lamp's post that I've been mentioning here.

This year, Ronald with his new look used the Parade as an opportunity to interact with the NYPD as well as with 2019's Parade attendees.

Sponge Bob's balloon also close call (in 2017) when he stopped to read the wording on a metal poster affixed to the aforementioned lamp's post.

This year, perhaps to take care of his new appearance or because he was being mindful of his travel companion (Gary the Snail), Sponge Bob barely allowed himself to travel above CPW!

The Wimpy Kid's character ballon is yet another one who has been distracted by trying to read the metal poster, in 2016, he nearly broke his nose in the process.

This year instead of spending time  reading posters, he greeted bystanders as well as members of the police force, as he made his way down CPW!

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary for space travel, Snoopy came dressed as an astronaut, but kept himself clear of lamppost and embraced both the NYPD as well as parade spectators instead.

In prior years, Snoopy has nearly sailed past the street post and traffic lights — but perhaps that's because Woodstock was riding on his back?

Goku from Dragon Ball joined the parade participants this year, having only been in the event once, which was last year, the coldest on record since 1927.

I did not attend the parade for that reason so I don't know how high or low he "marched," but as you can see from the next image, Goku used the opportunity to meet spectators and police officers.

Other participants this year included new comer who served as a representative for Dr. Seuss's book "Green Eggs and Ham"...

... and Smokey the Bear...

...  who served as a powerful reminder that only humans can prevent forest fires, just as only extreme blustery winds can prevent Macy's Balloons from flying high — causing them to show parade on lookers as well as the police force just how low one can go.

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