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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

366 New Opportunities Begin Tomorrow (Tuesday's Truths WK 157)


In honor of the upcoming new year, which starts tomorrow, I am sharing this sweet illustration (above) which I saw on the FB Page of bird rehabber extraordinaire, Amanda Remsberg.

I appreciate the illustration as well as the sentiment, but someone should inform the feline featured here that the number of new opportunities this time around will be 366!

2020 is a Leap Year so we get an extra chance, I don't know about you, dear reader, but any chance  for a new opportunity is welcomed by me and that is my personal truism for this segment of my Tuesday's Truths series.

Meanwhile, tonight marks my tenth anniversary of  this blog and I have big changes in mind for it going forward which I'll discuss in the coming days.

Please stay tuned and do have a happy, healthy and safe NYE!

ADDENDUM March 2, 2020:

The big changes I've had in mind for my blog have been put on hold due to my need to recover fully from an accident that I had on 1-18-2020 when I fell and broke my greater tuberosity.  

Hopefully I will be able to move forward with my plans but at this time, I cannot predict when that will be.

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