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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Honored to receive a "Mahalo Nui Loa"!

The content within the conversation bubble (in the image atop this entry) may be difficult to read so here's a copy of the text: "Please send a big Mahalo Nui Loa or Thanks so very much! to Pat Youngquist for the wonderful articles she sends in. We just love! architecture and history of the buildings in our beloved upper west side. We also have encountered some celebrities in that wonderful Contemporary Cafe in the Hotel Mayflower when staying there. How I miss that place!"

These are the exact words in an email to Mike Miskin by someone using marcy as a user name.

This email was sent to him in response to my recent article, The First Stretch of Central Park West’s Historic District, that was published by, which is Miskin's publication.

The "wonderful Contemporary Cafe in the Hotel Mayflower,"  referred to in the email can be seen in the postcard posted below.

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