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Friday, September 13, 2019

N'tl Peanut Day 2019

In addition to it being Friday the Thirteenth, its National Peanut Day, a this national holiday that blue jays would probably like to celebrate everyday, as you might surmise from the photos atop this entry (and directly below) featuring a tenacious fledging trying to grab the what was left in my wreath-style peanut feeder before I replenished it.

Re National Peanut Day, a web-page for states facts about peanuts, reminding their readers,"this legume is not a nut. They grow underground like potatoes. Since they are an edible seed that forms in a pod, they belong to the family Leguminosae with peas and beans."

I dare say jays don't care what family the peanut belongs too as long as they are available in my rooftop garden; as evidenced by the next series of photos taken in bygone years.

While jays do linger in my garden to nosh on a peanut, they often carry it off to the branches within the Ailanthus Trees growing in my courtyard as seen in the next picture.

Other birds enjoy noshing on peanuts in my garden too!

These include Common Grackles ...

Downy Woodpeckers...

But probably no bird likes peanuts as much as Cam, the female cardinal, seen in the next photo enjoying them on a winter's day.

Cam's husband, Mac, featured in the following pictures evidently is one who also appreciates any opportunity to eat peanuts.

Cam and Mac In fact enjoy this legume so much that they named their daughter Peanut (seen in the following images) in honor of it.

Cam ultimately became the one to tell the stories of her time in my garden as well as the stories of many bird varieties (twenty-one as of this date) who she has met here within the three volume book series, Words In Our Beak.

The birds who visit me join me in wishing you a happy National Peanut Day, dear reader, we hope you enjoy your holiday with no Friday the Thirteenth glitches.


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