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Friday, July 12, 2019

The Bees and the Wildflowers in Central Park (Friday Follow-up to last Friday's Post)

Last Friday, here on Blogger, I posted an entry stating, "My seeing a bee taking nourishment on an Echinacea flower in Central Park... caused me to think of these lines from HUM, a poem by Mary Oliver:

"'... The little
worker bee lives, I have read, about three weeks.
Is that long? Long enough, I suppose, to understand
that life is a blessing...'''

And I mentioned that "Bees are featured in my movie, Here's The Buzz (which can be viewed on my Vimeo Channel)... Bees discussed in my book series, Words In Our Beak."


Soon after that entry was published (the following day) I encountered bees again when I took a walk in Central Park. Only this time they were nibbling on wildflowers as seen in the first picture included with this entry as well as in the ones directly below.

As I stated in the first paragraph here, in the aforementioned post, I referenced a stanza from Mary Oliver's poem, HUM. In this followup post, I have referenced (below) stanzas from another one of her poems HUM, HUM; a poem which also speaks of bees:

"One summer afternoon I heard
   a looming, mysterious hum
 high in the air; then came something

like a small planet flying past –

not at all interested in me but on its own
way somewhere, all anointed with excitement:
bees, swarming,

not to be held back.

Nothing could hold them back."

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