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Monday, June 3, 2019

It's N'tl Gardening Week!

According to many sources, the first full week of June is National Gardening Week.

Their consensus is, "National Gardening Week is a wonderful, week long event. It is both a celebration, and an educational opportunity. National Gardening Week celebrates one of America's most popular hobbies. Tens of millions of Americans, young and old alike, grow a garden of some size. This week is a great opportunity to get out into your garden and tend to it, along with enjoying your garden's peacefulness and beauty. Regardless of whether your garden is big or small, show it off to family and gardening friends...

...National Gardening Week is also a great time to promote this hobby, and offer educational programs to the general public Garden clubs, 4H groups, schools, and even business can get ito the act, providing some form of educational programs, demonstrations, or seminars. As individuals, gardeners can encourage others to start gardening."

As my Blogger community knows, I have a garden here in a hood on the UWS. It can be seen in the picture atop this posting. The photo was taken four years ago and my garden has changed dramatically (in a positive way) since then; so I'd love to take a photo from that vantage point again but the woman who let me do it from her terrace is not likely to find the time to let me do that anytime soon.

In any event, may garden is also the setting for my three volume book series, Words In Our Beak, where the stories are set in my rooftop garden and told from the perspective of a female cardinal who visits it and is featured on the covers of each book.

Just as an aside: As of this posting, Father's Day will be here in less than one month's time and my suggestion is that you may want to consider giving these books to anyone that you know who happens to be a father or a grandfather. After all, Father's Day is for the birds as evidenced by the male cardinal (Mac) seen in the photo below spending time with his daughter (Peanut).

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